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Free useful tool to remove all EXIF data present in your JPEG photographs
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Digital cameras usually add to your JPEG photographs a certain amount of metadata. This information – known as EXIF data – is invisible to anyone just looking at the pictures, but can be easily retrieved using any standard EXIF viewer. This information can be merely technical (camera and lens used, picture orientation, aperture, etc.) or a bit more sensitive, as the date, time, and exact location where the picture was taken. Thus, EXIF information can tell you a lot about the image itself but can also tell others a lot about you and your habits. It is not easy (when at all possible) to tell your camera not to add EXIF information to your JPEG images, but you can always erase this information for good using Easy Exif Delete.

This simple free tool can batch-erase all EXIF data present in any number of JPEG images in one single operation. It cleans your photographs from all EXIF information, thus preserving your privacy. You can load as many JPEG images as needed, and the program will immediately tell you if any EXIF information is present or not (without specifying which). You can then select one or more files and, when ready, the program will wipe all their EXIF information in one go.

Remember, however, that it will also get rid of that EXIF information considered by many to be of great use, especially when it comes to editing your images or cataloging your photo collection. This is probably the main drawback of this tool – that fact that it is an “all or nothing” decision that you need to make. Though being an efficient tool in its own right, it would be much more attractive to users if they had the possibility of taking a quick look at the EXIF data stored in their pictures and of selecting which bits can be preserved and which need to go.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Useful for bulk deletion of EXIF data
  • Simple and straightforward interface


  • Does not provide with an EXIF viewer to check the data that will be erased
  • Deleted EXIF data cannot be recovered
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